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”As an inventor, I seek important truths that everyone else has missed so that the products I create have the capacity to liberate people in profound ways”.

- Tim Brennan

Our mission is to bring to the masses a series of revolutions in health and wellbeing.
With a user-centred design approach, we bring wisdom, caring and creativity to the world.


It was 2018 when I bought my first pair of barefoot shoes, a catalyst for personal transformation. Barefooting has changed my life in many ways; stability, agility, comfort, and posture. For me, the hardest part was stripping away misunderstandings.


I hesitated when I first heard about minimal shoes, but soon realized that the fear of pronation or pain with less support was a product of dishonest advertisement. My feet are changing, my toes are slowly able to opened up, and my posture is getting better. It feels good to be walking on my feet. I hope with these barefoot shoes, I will be able to run like the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico, barefoot for hundreds of miles. I wish to share my passion and knowledge with the world as a barefoot advocate.

- Eddie Ferry, WA


I used to have a chronic knee injury which troubled me for years. It was only when I switched to barefoot shoes that the condition began to improve. I am delighted to say that today my knee is transformed. I no longer have any pain, I can walk and lift weights without problems and I continue to wear barefoot shoes most of the time.So it was quite serendipitous when, at a personal development conference in 2017, I just happened to be sat next to Tim, the man who holds the patent for the very shoes I was wearing!


Thank you Tim! Your work has helped me and thousands more immensely.

- Max Chegwin, UK

In 2001, Tim invented Vivobarefoot whilst a design student at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London. It was a passion project for him, as he was able to combine his deep interest in the Alexander Technique with his enthusiasm for inventing new products. In doing so, he was able to create a solution to a serious ankle injury he had been suffering repeatedly while playing tennis tournaments.
After graduation in 2003, while playing in a tennis tournament in his prototype shoes, a competitor asked about his footwear at the change of ends. Purely by chance, he knew the Clarks family and gave Tim a phone number to call. Tim then met Lancelot and Galahad Clark who said they would license the idea and bring in Tim to help launch what turned out to be the shoe that started the barefoot running movement.
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